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Coed Llandegla - Llandegla Forest

Latest News - 1 May 2007
For any avoidance of doubt please take note of the opening hours posted on the left for the Cafe Shop and Trails. Although they now open the car park on Monday the center is not manned and if you have problems you wil lhave to sort them out yourself. The Cafe has now not only picked up a national award for the Best Bacon Sandwich, it has also been highly commended In the Observer in a write up about great breakfasts in britain the Llandegla one being considered the best in Wales, from whatever base line they calculated it fro mI would not disagree and have one everytime I am there.

Dont Forget the One Planet Bike shop now stock not only bikes from Santa Cruz, Kona, Cove and newly appointed dealers for Commencal they also have a great range of parts from the lieks of Raceface and clothing from Raceface, Sombrio, Endura, shoes from Shimano, helmets from Giro and bags and gloves from Dakine

Badger and Jim are also now actively running training courses at nice prices to help riders of all abilities to improve on their riding more details on the One Planet Adventure web site

With the increasing popularity of YouTube which includes our own of Llandegla we now have a youtube page featuring the pick of the best and funniest we find to amuse you at home or work unless the company web sniffer dog growls when youtube requests fly past it

New Trail Marking Colour Scheme:
Early users of the trail found the green route for beginners was quite long and had some technicaly difficulty sections to ride and required a mountain bike. However the Blue route around the lake was classified as being for families, quite short, simple and very easy for any one only needing a robust bike. This caused confusions to some users who thought in a scale of blue green red and black for severity of trail that green should be the easiest route of all.
After the opening of the new section of black the operators decided to switch the blue and green routes labelling so to make sure every one would get to ride the route most suited to their need.
As of January 2007 the green route is the short family route around the lake and the blue beginner route is a much longer fully off road mtb route suitable for beginners. Red is now Intermediate and Black is for riders with advanced skills off road. If you are planning to go and do either the green or blue route based on the recommendation of a past user of the trails you may wish to think about or ask them about the route they might have been recommending to you. You can download a printable pdf map of the routes here:

Coed Llandegla MTB and Walking route map

The new jewel in the UK MTB crown. Long a favourite cross country venue for NWMBA events, it is owned by Shotton Paper, part of the Finnish UPM – Kymmene Group, the largest producer of newsprint in the UK. The forest is managed by Tilhill the timber management division of UPM. The managers found themselves facing a new challenge when in the spirit of sustainability the Modern Shotton paper mill moved from sourcing timber from a series of managed forest scattered across North Wales and moved to sourcing pulp for Newsprint from recycled paper.

More Llandegla News

27 November.. More extensions to the black trail, after the many rumours of new black sections, they were opened quietly at the weekend. There are three new sections in addition to the recently opened wild black descent the the first include a spectacular piece of high woodwork, fairly wide but with a very steep end, the second is an amazing long series of jumps and tight switches that makes your face numb with grinning culminating in a technical climb. The final section is another technical climb talking you back to the old red just after the leete / Offa's Dyke NT crossing.

22 October.. never to rest long on their laurels the guys at One Planet Adventure Café after their bussiest summer yet, as well as a world mtb jump record and opening some of the best black run to be found in north Wales, found that they had made it into the BMW 1 series Good Food ride, a guide to the nations best and most exclusive meal in locations off the beaten track making them well worth tracking down. In this article in the Observer Food Monthly they get more than passing praise as the home of the best Bacon bap in the UK, the same one we all know and love as well as devour in large quantities as well as the other blackboard favourites we enjoy after long challenging rides wiht large mups of hot tea. The BMW 1 series Good Food Ride web site is where you can buy the book, download pages or get the pod cast... get drooling

23/24 September 2006 WCU Dragon XC Series finals at 11am on the 24th, come on the saturday to check out the latest addition to the trails a section of 1.6km downhill, check out the exclusive helmet cam footage taken last week to see the groove corners and jumps on this fast flowing downhill section that will make you whoop and holler all the way down. Check out helmet cam of Jason Rennie nailing the hill here

1 July 2006 Coed Llandegla open day, all welcome to see the centre , the trails and other activities for all the family at the visitor centre. Check out this page

2 February 2006. Today Jason Rennie riding a Kona Stab Supreme set the world record distance jump for a mountain bike. With a 12ft high Jump Jason was towed behind a motorbike up to 81 mph by a motorcycle when just before the ramp he let go of the tow rope, Jason one of the team who builds the trails at Coed Llandegla, lept a fantastic 133 ft 6 inches beating the previous world best of 116feet. For further details on this fantastic feat check out this page

The centre opened 2005 summer after a lot of work not only in building the trails but also a most unique centre with cafe and bike repairs, hire and shop. The centre made entirely of wood is a statement to sustainability with rain water being collected and recycled for the bike washes and toilets, and solar power support for the electricity. There is no doubt it's more than a log cabin and the café will bring a new level of cool to the area. The landscaped carparks are also inspired. Work is starting now Spring 2006 to build more km of track to provide greater technical challenge.
Image of made family trail
Two types of trail are being created, wider tracks where riding two abreast is possible. These are aimed especially at encouraging families and casual cyclists back on bikes for greater health benefits without the risk of traffic. There are three cycling trails which are graded to ensure you know which one suits your ability. There is no charge to use the trails but there is a parking charge, and power wash for £1 to clean your own bike before going home..
The first UK MTB centre to gain prestigious accreditation from the International Mountain BIke Association (IMBA) for the routes which are as follows (Please check the above news item the labeling of the routes was changed in January 2007, the blue and green were changed around in order to improve understanding by novices of the likely conditions
Family (Green) route this is a 4km ride designed with families in mind, it avoids major climbs and technical sections and concentrates on allowing families to expirience off road cycling in a fun and safe way. A gentle ascent from the carpark takes you around the reservoir with breathtaking views of the Clwydian range and beyond, after a ride around the lake and over the dam wall the route meanders back to the centre.. quite conveniently stopping at the cafe for a well earned cup of fresh coffee, tea or a glass of juice... ok... go on that piece of cake too since you burned all those calories.

Beginner (Blue) route - 'The Griffin Trail' is designed for those maybe more adventurous souls who want to give mountain biking a go. An 8km circuit providing a great taster of this great sport ... but ... no lung busting climbs ... no hair raising descents ... can this be true ... yes. But it's no push over cruise around forest roads, short drops, uneven ground and a few sharp switchbacks. .and the best bit about mountain biking the stunning views are there too.

Intermediate (Red) route - 'The Dragon Trail' a must for the experienced biker, Technical single track is mostly the name of the game on this 18km route ... Using the whole forests the trail designers have excelled and suprised many who think they know the forest. Huge bermed switchbacks, whoops, table top and double jumps galore, it's a miracle of engineering that at the end of a lap it feels like there was more down than up. And to cap it off a damned fine cup of coffee and flapjack.. just hold the cherry pie for after the next lap

(Black) links.. These are additions to the Red route provising an optional excursion for riders of a higher standard of riding competence looking to push their abilities a bit closer to the limit. Still safe and can be ridden with wheels on the ground, severe angles of descent and ability to take big air is part of the experience.

For 2006 grant funding has now been secured to extend the red route and also add more extreme 'black grade' technical going for those seeking a spicier choice of riding challenges. The Llandegla team will be working to ensure the centre stays at the forefront of UK technical riding standards whilst also making sure more casual riders are catered for.

The facility is being managed for Tilhill by One Planet Adventure - a local adventure sport company promoting tourism and recreation whilst maintaining sustainability in a rural environment. Ian and Jim have great credentials in the sport and can give good advice as well as service bikes, they can also hire or sell you a bike if you do not yet own one.
One Planet Adventure run a very popular One Planet Cafe with an enhanced menu for 2006, taking a table or a comfy sofa to lounge about reading the papers or latest Bike mags over a hot cup of coffee, hot food or belly busting chocolate cake is becoming the norm for many out bound adventurers and families seeking shelter from retail hell.
The One Planet Bikes is the shop which stocks the world famous Kona range of Mountain Bikes which are also used for the hire fleet as well as a number of the top end full suspension Konas are available for hire. As well as Bikes there is a great selection of Adventure and safety clothing, helmets, gloves and shoes for Bikers from Raceface, Altura, Kona, Royal, 661 and Howies. Top end quality performance bike components from SRAM, Rockshox, Truvativ, Raceface, Marazocchi, Hope, USE, Maxxis. The excellent workshops with full time mechanics who excel with product knowledge gained from years of experience can offer everything from a chain or cable swop right up to full race prep servicing. They are a Fibrax service centre and can supply and service most makes of brakes including Hydraulic Discs. A full range of MTB DVD's are available for some armchair extreme viewing at home
If you want further details please e-mail here

Coed Llandegla
Mountain Bike Hire fleet comprised of the latest Kona models all featuring suspension many with disc brakes from 14" - 20" means those without the latest hardware can still enjoy the faclities and trails. Hire charges are £15 for a half day and £19 a day. Booking in advance is adviseable as this is an increasingly popular facility. You will need a helmet and they are available for hire at £3 per day
Pictures taken June 2005 click on thumbnail to see large image
Visitor Centre - front visitor centre - rear Trails last downhill end of trail from centre engineering on trail
Coed Llandegla MTB Centre
Exclusive and limited edition Coed Llandegla Apres-Dirt wear exclusively at our online t-shirt and gift store
Riding at Coed Llandegla is not just about riding in the forest, this group of riders wanted to hire some bikes, get riding tuition and then set out to see some natural trails. One Planet Adventure guides not only did the training but then took the group out to ride the best trails in the almost adjacent Clwydian Hills AONB making sure the group got to ride the best descents were all featured adding in a classic pub lunch to make the day special.

If you are planning a corporate event or team building trip or just a family event, there is a lecture room with digital projector in the visitor centre and you can book all or part of the bike fleet with basic tutorials in how to use one of their very sturdy hire fleet Kona mountain bikes

Visitors on a team building afternoon were staff from John Moores University in Liverpool who enjoyed a day of hiking and biking. Those not familiar with bikes are in the photo below being given guidance by the center staff.
Other things to be done at Llandegla include Mountain Bike racing, the events are popular and the Welsh National MTB championships wil lbe held here in early September. Mountain Bike racing is open to all ages, with race distances suited to riders ability. For those just wanting to have go there is an Open class for fun seekers.
One last credit for the venue is to the unseen backroom guys at Tilhill - Andrew Heald and Phil Johnson who took the idea from nothing through the frustrations of biding for funding that failed and securing Planning permission in the face of a organised local campaign to scotch the whole venture. As well as the plant operator who sweetened all the lines, turns, berms, and jumps - one Jason Rennie.. world record holder for several dirt bike ramp jumps .. thanks guys