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Welcome to the 'Degla Dirt Demons Web Page

these pages are dedicated to our newest club section. You do not need to be a member of NWMBA to come along and ride with us. You should be between 9 - 13 and all we ask is that you have the consent of your parents to come riding on saturday mornings at Coed Llandegla Mountain Bike Centre and bring equipment and clothing that is appropriate to the conditions which could range from bright sunshine and blue skies right down to rain. Even when the sun shines it can be muddy so you need be prepared if not just to get dirty but have clean glothes and a grown up to help you get there and home.

To make this whole 'degla experience as fun as possible we want to give all the members of the D3 ('degla dirt demons) riders a chance to tell us how the rides should be best organised. What we are trying to do is give young riders especially those of you with parents who might not have a lot of experience in mountain biking to have a chance to ride and learn key skills to help them enjoy safe mountain biking and to take in al lof the opportunities to ride with mates, and maybe even race a bit if you want.

To help with getting your feedback we have set up an area of our NWMBA MTB forum with an area for d3 members and friends to be able to chat and leave messages for us and each other. Anyone can read the forum posts but you can only post messages if you have a password. We do this to stop people from joining the forum who dont want to be members of D3 and only want to post rubbish. All you need to do to get onto the forum is speak to one of us at Coed Llandegla and give us your name and email address and the nickname you want to be known as and we'll set it up for you. .it's that easy

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Recommended Equipment

Bike - It's rough out there some times muddy, you'll need a mountain type bike that is well maintained, has good brakes and grippy tyres. If you have any doubt if your bike is sutable we are more than happy to offer advice.


Cycle Helmet - essential.
Clothes - You will learn all about the style of mountain bike clothing but for beginning there is nothing better than a good stretch fit tracksuit. As it gets hot if you wear too much you may overheat if you wear something too thick.
Gloves - to keep your hands dry and warm. .they will get wet and muddy so dont bring your best ones.
Shoes - you are best with trainers with a grip sole as the ground can be slippery if you need to walk.
Windproof top - we are in the mountains even when not raining the wind can blow cold, cycling keeps you warm but it can get cold when you take a break. If your top is waterproof if the weather is looking wet that is great.
Clear sportsglasses - even with mudguards, wheels can throw a lot of mud about when riding off road, if you can find a pair of clear sports type glasses that won't fall off your face it will mean your eyes will stay clean helping you see and avoid all the forest gremlins that want to help you fall off.
Water bottle - you can bring it with you or leave it at the centre to get a drink when you finish.. this biking is a thirsty lark.

What next....

We don't know, it's something for all of us to decide, we will run this project to guage if there is a demand by young riders out there longing for a chance to ride in a club with other young riders. We would like to have short talks about bike maintenance, off road safety, respecting the trails and environment, and give riders the chance to join a club and become involved with racing and non competative events such as mtb orienteering and real mountain rides come and join the fun at Llandegla every Saturday morning at 9am and we'll see what happens .We welcome parents too if they want to come and assist the run leaders look after the kids and pass on knowledge they have about riding.

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