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A handy new service from Amazon is the new DVD rental service which is great for us country bumkins where the few video shops seem to have shelves full of Rocky, Death Wish II and Friends and little else. The Amazon hire service allows you to select any of the many titles they have and book it , the dvd turns up in our letter box you watch it and put it into a prepaid envelope and pop it back to amazon. For a fiver you can get 3 dvd's a month... we will list some of the good dvd's out there on Amazon. Most are available to buy from the One Planet Bike Shop at Coed Llandegla to by otherwise you can get many titles here to buy or hire... thanks for reading
DVD Details Rental
The best action from the world's best dirt bike riders, featuring action from the Fort William Cup, the Mont Saint Anne Cup, the World Championship and much more
Earthed 2
By Dirt Magazine, Features footage of extreme mountain biking action from around the world.
Earthed 3 Europa
By Dirt Magazine, Features footage of extreme mountain biking action.
By Dirt Magazine, the filming of the riding instruction bits is pretty good there are no sound problems and the video quality is good. As for the actual instruction, it's all sound advice and is clearly and simply explained.
The riding skills of Ryan Leech.. sickening trials skills performed with casual with tears. Samples available
New World Disorder:
From Freeriding in Canadian woods to mountain boarding through dirt jumps.
New World Disorder 5:
The NWD disorder series have been progressively getting better and more refined. This 5th film is in my eyes by far the best in terms of directing and continuity.
Kranked 5:
Mountain Bike 1:
This video is mainly downhill and freeriding (in the European sense), with a fair bit of dirt jumping thrown in. There is a lot of good footage of Nicolas Vouilloz and Fabien Barel which is very impressive, a fair bit of footage from the 2000 world cup duels and downhills, which are some of the best bits of the video.
Art of Trials:
In answer to many enthusiasts questions about how to perform various tricks and techniques a compilation of 38 skills for the mountain bike are demonstrated clearly and simply so that the keen enthusiast can learn how to master the art of mountain bike trials.